One of 2006’s last voyages on land and sea

December 29th laker.jpg

The snow geese are still around lake St-Francis. I took this picture on december 29th 2006 ; my mother’s 61st birthday. In the background you can see the Adirondack Mountains in all their glory. This is a laker going by a flock of snow-geese at about 3:45pm. They gather up by the thousands on the lake every year around this time gearing up for a trip down South. It was one of those special moments the lake provides, should you be ready to enjoy it. The bays are just starting to freeze up and soon we’ll be out there looking for a few hungry perch. In the meantime, it’s just nice to sit back and enjoy the pastel colours and tranquility of late december. An interesting aside : I took this picture while standing in Ontario, the opposite shoreline is Quebec and the Mountains in the back are in New-York State.

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