Fishing? I guess you could call it that.




Fortunately for the fish, all we ended up catching was some sunlight and fresh air. We didn’t mind though. I’m just happy I can still get my dad to come out on the ice with me. It’s what it’s all about.

That and I got to play with my new truck out on the lake.


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  1. Is this the St-Lawrence near Lancaster/Quebec border??? I didn’t think the ice would be thick enough to drive on. I’m heading down to Long Sault in hopes of some perch and walleye…..anything really. Anyhoo, enjoy the cabin fever!

  2. Hey Dominic. I’m going to Long Sault on the weekend too. I’ve heard the walleye bite is decent above the dam passed Cornwall. Although I have no idea where to go. Any ideas? The ice was over a foot where we were in Bainsville. It’s just before Curry Hill on the service road. If you happen to drive by there on the 401 or the Service road you’ll see the cars and huts on the ice. There’s a little bait shop there and the guy sells maggots and small jigs and stuff. He’ll charge you 2$ for access to the ice with your car if you want to go. I had some good days there but the fish are small.

    Good luck on the weekend.

  3. Just to clarify, yes this is in Lancaster, but the ice is only thick enough for cars in that one bay near Bainsville (At Bainsville Fisheries specifically). The main lake is still pretty thin but still ok to walk on. I wouldn\’t try walking all the way accross though.

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