Reek of Hypocrisy (not a metal band)

I have long had my view of PETA. Better know as People Eating Tasty Animals (That should sum it up for you). Seriously though, I truly believe some of these extremists have the intention of doing something righteous, and that as individuals, they are involved in something they believe is making a difference and helping in some way. They are of course way off track and wrong in most cases. One look at their site reveals a few “opinion leaders” using young people to their advantage, fueling their already eager minds with emotional nonsense. Most of the claims made by PETA are subjective, non-founded, non-scientific and simply based on a view which correlates human emotion with animal instinct. Added to this is their clearly visible objective to make a buck like anyone else. What really made me realize these weren’t the dreaded folks whom I thought might actually succeed in convincing children that fishing and hunting are not only wrong, but evil, is the hypocrisy found within their frontlines. The first of these is the fact that their website is supported by Burger King, while they condemn the fast food industry. Indeed, there is a pop-up add for Burger King’s veggie burger on their website.
Now this….
Keep in mind I don’t like CNN’s approach to news coverage and this is a VERY superficial view of an odd incident.

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