The Perch Culture

As far as I can remember, I recall seeing the boats out on the water. As a kid, I used to think they had a kind of mysterious allure to them. They seemed to be part of the natural setting of lake St-Francois. Today, I’m usually out there myself and have learned a great deal about perch fishing, both on catching more and larger perch and on the culture surrounding the activity. I now recognize the boats, know the spots and enjoy the sport more than ever. The low rumbling of highway 401 on the north shore of the lake, mixed in with the ever so often passing of a train in the distance, the sound of motorboats engines, the loons, cormorants, ducks, geese and even music coming from a nearby boat meld into one enchanting melody. This article sums this up in a beautiful way.

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  1. Lalely says:

    We need more intgihss like this in this thread.

  2. Aksay says:

    //1904 வர டம க ச ய ல நடந ததன வ ள வ க ஜ த ய அழ ப ப ன என ற ச ல ல ய ர ந த ல ம — ப ர பனர கள மட ட ம என ற அட ப ப க க ற க க ள க ற , //The originators and ctdiosuan of caste system are brahmins. Among all brahmins, the Tamil brhamins are the most orthodox. They cling to the system, calling themselves brahmins, whereas others stopped calling them kshtariyas, vaishias etc.Therefore, it is important to attack Tamil brahmins only if you want to attack the caste system.Periyar had thought correctly. Thanks to him, today, we see the younger generations of TBs not so orthodox. Next genearations will completely give up the holier than thou nonsense passed on to the generations by TBs.If the nonsese is revived, then another Periyar is a doubless a certainty.

  3. Restu says:

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