No hockey, no problem

I am completely disgusted and outraged with the events we all were forced to endure over the last few months in the NHL. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the acronym, the Nimrod Hockey League. Enough said.
A few buddies of mine braved the cold last weekend and did a little perchin. It’s too bad we spent most of the day in the car because it was so damned cold. Still beats being inside watching tv. Thanks for the pics will

3 Replies to “No hockey, no problem”

  1. Remember, there’s always the AHL. And Quebec Major Junior. And and those rink skids in Verdun.

  2. You know what, Hamilton Bulldogs are really starting to draw my attention. These guys play great hockey and with many NHLers in there now, this is no Verdun skid league. The bonus of course is that most of the team belongs to the Habs.

  3. We should make a plan to go see a game = you’re coming whether you like it or not.

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