I can see you!

Eels are easy to approach underwater for some reason. If you’re real stealthy you can usually sneak up and grab one before they take off. The spot where I saw this one is also loaded with smallies who seem to follow the eels around. When the eel stirs up something edible, the smallmouth is ready to get its free meal. Notice the zebra mussels everywhere. At least the water is clear I guess.

As you can see the image quality with the disposable underwater cameras abailable at Jean Coutu isn’t always the best. This is really clear water. My best results were by far around noon when the sun is high and on calm days.

4 Replies to “I can see you!”

  1. Hey ‘Dre, post something non-fish related. Or better yet, I think you should start posting fish recipes for the remainder of the winter.

  2. …and reviews of sushi restaurants. Also, hell man, you’re like an [b]environmental scientist[/b] with a serious chip on his shoulder about life in general. The fans want wildlife facts mixed with anti-corporate rhetoric 🙂

  3. I can see where you’re headed with this. I like it, a lot.
    I just have to get used to this new server thing. Monkey man let go of movable type. I’ll try and post something later tonight. Let me know what you think.

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