28.5 inch Personal Best in 2011

This walter had a face that looked like it could swallow a bass whole. It was one of many fish caught in a very quick afternoon of fishing, mid-day, sunny September. Definitely my best outing this year by far. If this doesn’t get your blood pumping as a walleye angler, you’re in the wrong business. Looks like I have my work cut out for me before ice up to better this catch. Stay tuned…

Until next time, Stay Outside, Jigger.

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  1. question, ton video de la riviere au Saumon et tres beau, ma question es es qu’il es accesible au Lac St-francois a l’annee?
    comment creu es la riviere au Salmon jusqu’a la frontiere? 10 pied?

    Can you cruise out from the salmon river to the lake st francis or do you need to trim up and slow down? thank Jigger.

  2. BTW great great catch, can’t wait to fish there if this works out. looks pretty amazing

  3. Merci Norm.

    The only thing you need to worry about in the Salmon are sunken trees. If you stay near the middle of it you won’t hit bottom. This is from the main River to Dundee. It reaches 10 feet in some spots but mostly it’s 5-8 feet deep if I recall.

    Good luck and thanks for the comment!

  4. Oh and about it being accessible all year depends what you mean. It freezes in the winter, obviously.

  5. Thanks Jigger, hope to see you on the waters sometime. Seems we will be spending some time out there this summer as we purchased near that area. appreciate your input. Aslo spoke to the Fort Covington marina which is on the Salmon river or Riviere au saumon and he also says it connects but the mouth to lake St-Francis is a bit shallow. As long as we can get out to lake St-Francis we are happy. Again thanks taking the time to respond.

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