Father’s Day Fun

So I decided to do the cliche father and son thing on the weekend. Go fishing. Turns out it was a great idea. I don’t know how many more times I’ll get to fish we the old man so I think it makes it that much more special. We had a good time. Trolled crankbaits and walleyes were on them. We also managed a few quality smallmouths and a bonus 7.5 pound pike. All this under clear sunny skies, 30+C temps and Seadoos all over the place. Go figure.


2 Replies to “Father’s Day Fun”

  1. Nice walleyes man! Nothin beats fishin with the man who showed how. Anyways, i’d be really cool if you could let me know where you fish…i live in Cornwall and my boat is in Summerstown. I’m a catch and release guy. thanx. nic_the_man_3@hotmail.com

  2. Hey man, nice walleyes! Nothin beats fishing with the guy who showed you how in the beginning. Anyways, i live in the cornwall area, my boat is in summestown and i’d be cool if you could tell me where a couple of walleye spots are. I’m a catch and release fisherman and i’m jonesin to catch some walleyes. thanx. nic_the_man_3@hotmail.com

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