Year’s first, I’ll take it…

All I can hope for is that this one will be around for the Lancaster spring pike tournament.
Well, I put the tub in the water on the weekend. The weather wasn’t great but I did manage to go out for about an hour. My options were pike and catfish, which are the only fish in season this time of year on Lake St-Francis. The wind blew from the North so the North side of the lake was fairly calm. I love getting out this time of year. Nobody else around here seems to have figured out that this is the absolute best time of year to catch big fish in this lake. This one here was a little under 12 pounds and about 38 inches long. She was full of eggs and was ready to spawn. I held her just long enough to take a couple pics and weigh her and then she took off in typical pike fashion, leaving me with a taste of cold water.
She was caught on a yellow 1oz spoon with a red five of diamond pattern. She was warming up in some sunken trees adjacent to a feeder creek and not too far from deep water, ready to pounce on my spoon.

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