Snappers like bass, here’s proof

Snapping Turtle 2.jpg
This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. We were up at the cottage playing cards when Howie, the man behind this weird smallie-snapper duo, yells out for us to come see something. He thought he had a lunker pike when he felt this monster grab his bass. Boy what a surprise for him when he saw this brute pop it’s head out of the water, bass and all! The jig eventually popped out and the turtle slowly disappeared back into the lake with it’s catch. Not a lucky day for Mr. bass. You should have heard this turtle hiss! Ouch.

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2 Responses to Snappers like bass, here’s proof

  1. banana says:

    Let me tell ya, Mr.Turtle must have been pissed!!!

  2. Jigger says:

    I could tell by the hiss.

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