July ski

Just another St-Francis Musky, this one’s not a monster but a lot of fun, and a surprise bonus when three-way rigging for walleye. Don’t mind the date on the cam. I fixed that. This guy was caught on July 16th.

2 Replies to “July ski”

  1. how did the musky taste? did you cook it in a chowder? I prefer musky on the BBQ in foil but i will try that chowder receipe with my next muskie

  2. Actually this one was released, I caught him not too far from the dock you see on the pic. I have tasted musky before though and it’s great. Real nice meat. In the spring sometimes I eat pike on the BBK with lemon, garlic and fruit chunks wrapped in foil so I imagine musky would be really good that way because it’s a better tasting fish than pike. It would probably shine in a chowder because it’s chunky. Anything bigger than this one I’d recommend releasing though.

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