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Hello everyone!

I’ve decided to start posting pictures sent to me by readers on occasion. It’s fun to share pics and I enjoy seeing how other hunters and fishermen are doing in the area. If you want your photo posted just leave a comment and I’ll email you with the details. Let’s see what you’ve caught! Enjoy! Jigger.


Here is Alex with a 50″ Sturgeon from Lac St-Louis near Montreal Qc. It took him one hour on six pound test to get this bad-boy in the boat. This one was fooled by a Gulp! Alive minnow.



Here’s David with a beautiful 20lbs, 9 1/2″ beard May Gobbler from Glengarry County On.




This buck had no idea he was smiling for a picture. Brought to you by David from the Alexandria area in Glengarry County On.



Another Glengarry Buck courtesy of Andrew.


More to come soon!

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2 Responses to Fan Photos

  1. alex says:

    cool !! I will send you more, this week end its ALOSE time !!

  2. Dominic Roy says:

    Hey Jigger,

    How’s the new boat running? I have a few pics that I wouldn’t mind posting on your fan page if you don’t mind. Please email me with the details.

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