You gotta love it.

This is the reason I fish. Every once in a while, really, really good things happen.
This bass brought Terrance (the guy who took the picture) and I to our knees. We were screaming and laughing like kids. This is fishing at it’s best and only 50 minutes out of Montreal.

Fishing with my girlfriend

She doesn’t fish often but once in a while I can convince her to come out. We had pretty nasty weather that day while perch fishing. This was a little surprise and was also Jordanna’s 1st pike. Doesn’t she look proud 🙂 …Way to go Jo!

A face worth a thousand words

Nothing like a warm coffee and a day’s fishing ahead to cure a hangover eh Leif?
Damn buddy! Looks like you slept in the boat! 🙂
It’s just jealousy talking don’t worry. If I had a choice, I’d take Prince Rupert over Montreal any day. By the way, Leif did send me a few pics from that day, but for some reason none was of him holding a fish….mmmmm…odd.
Cheers buddy, catch a big one for me.

When you’re alone in the boat you have to manage

Caught this one on a home-made spinner rig and live minnow. Gotta love fall fishin’. There’s something truly magical about being alone on the lake with my thoughts and a few active fish. I love it. The best part about it is that she’s still swimming.