They’re getting bigger! And something different….

Looks like the fish are starting their summer patterns and the bigger ones are getting a little easier to locate. I still caught plenty of fish on my channel rock piles but the bigger fished have started to chase food along the edges. This wasn’t a monster but I’ll take a 6.3lbs fish any day of the week!

And here is a little something I put together. Hope you enjoy.

Until next time, Stay outside…


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4 Responses to They’re getting bigger! And something different….

  1. Phil says:

    So cool. Great to see such respect for our fisheries. Two weeks I released a 29 inch beast just down from the wing in Cornwall. Great fun. Phil

  2. Jigger says:

    Good on you Phil. Love letting them go back. I think this fishery has amazing potential right now.

  3. Jhonny says:

    One stop cocktail miknag machine? Sign mama up! What would I do with it? I would do everything it was made for and then come up with new uses for it. I’m good that way. It would be the perfect companion to keep my coffee pot company. As for a playlist:Raise Your Glass (duh!) P!nkAlcohol – Brad PaisleyBrass Monkey – – Beastie BoysIt’s Five O’Clock Somewhere – Alan JacksonAll I Wanna Do – Sheryl CrowWait. I am sensing a theme. Jennb4s last blog ..

  4. Francisco says:

    A one-stop cocktail manikg machine sounds divine. I’d love to whip up some lemon drop martinis with that kit while listening to my current playlist, including Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night and Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. Or just drink without a soundtrack, if necessary. Christinab4s last blog ..

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