When Life Throws you Lemons….

…you type with one hand!

Bad luck for me folks. I broke my left hand in a biking incident involving a driver (who wasn’t paying attention) in Montreal. It could have been worse, other than my hand and a couple stiches I’m fine. My fishing season, at least until October however, is not. Right now I can’t tie my shoes let alone a uni-to-uni knot. I might be able to operate my boat with a little help getting it in the water but fishing is not happening for at least a few weeks unfortunately. Soooo…..For now this blog belongs to you guys, the readers. Alex who is a great contributor and regular reader has sent me pics of his latest trip to mighty Lake Ontario. On his recent trip up there fishing with Yvan Rousseau Alex and his crew boated 17 beautiful Steelhead and a very respectable Chinook. Thanks for the pics Alex! On a side note, looks like there are Rousseaus everywhere who know their way around a lake 😉

If anyone else would like to share pics or stories during my convalescence just let me know in the comment box, leave your email address (not in the comment itself but rather in the required field) and I’ll post it up!

Alex lake Ontario 1

Alex lake Ontario 2

Until next time, Stay Outside! Jigger

5 Replies to “When Life Throws you Lemons….”

  1. Sad to hear you won’t be able to fish for the next bit Jigger. Hope your hand has a speedy recovery.

  2. to bad for you man !! in october and november you will be doing good fishing !! thanks for the pic. ths chinouk was 16 pound ( a baby ) and the bigest steelhead where 13.5 pound and 2 10 pounder !!

  3. Hi Jigger.

    New to the area (4yrs) from South Shore of Montreal. I enjoy your blog and had no idea that there was such productive walleye fishing right next door to me. I normally do a lot of fishing in the Eastern Townships of Quebec for trout, pike and smallmouth. I don’t have a boat right now but have been fishing for years from a kayak with good success. Where is the best place to put in for walleye fishing in Lake St.Francis? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Jay, sorry about the late reply. I fish mostly around Lancaster Ontario but there is good fishing all over the lake. I am more familiar with the North shore of the lake and I know there are many ramps all along there from St-Zotique to Lancaster. If you’ve never fished this lake try focusing your effort on the main navigation chanel on edges especially where you can find weedbeds. I haven’t been out in a month because of my hand so I’m not sure where they’re biting at the moment but with a bit of exploration I’m sure you can find out. Cheers and good luck. Thanks for the kind words about the blog. Hopefully when my hand heals up I’ll have another few posts up before it’s time to put the boat away.

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