Hart’s Bar 2010 Walleye Tournament RESULTS!


Hey guys,

Here are some videos and pictures I took from the Walleye Tournament at Hart’s bar this year including an interview with one of the winners Robin Casgrain. The biggest fish caught was just under 9lbs and the best 3 fish total weight was brought to the weigh-in by the team of Wally and Robin Casgrain who went home 1000$ richer.

Personally although I had a blast and caught a good number of fish (including a nice musky and a few smallies) I wasn’t able to boat a fish bigger than 2lbs to save my life. I had a fantastic time and can’t wait for next year. Kyle is hoping for 30 boats next year so if you are on the fence about joining in find a partner and come have a blast. There are tons of door prizes and it’s just a great day from start to finish. This is a great event that I’m sure it will only get better with time. I want to personally thank Kyle Laframboise and those who helped for putting this together. I would also like to thank the folks at Hart’s bar who served breakfast in the morning and cold refreshements in the afternoon. The staff is a friendly bunch and added a lot to the experience. Enjoy the vids!

Winners announced

Tourney results

Interview with winner

Nice one at weigh-in

Kyle Sums up

Filleting the ones that didn’t make it.

Stay outside, Jigger.

4 Replies to “Hart’s Bar 2010 Walleye Tournament RESULTS!”

  1. wow 17 pound !! thats nice, what about you !!!

    did you get my e mail?

  2. 1. Your little Kodak has EXCELLENT sound and the moving image quality is very good.

    2. I love that tournament winner’s t-shirt. With a sense of humor like that, he must be a very happy man. All that’s missing now is the word “Winner”. ;-P

    3. Good post.

  3. Yo, Andre, is there a video of your technique for cleaning walleye on this sight?

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