Another Nice One


Here is a pic From mid September I had on my camera but forgot to put up. My friend Dave and I headed out above the dam to find walleye. We did real well and had our limit by about noon that day. Had a bonus smallmouth as well. All fish were really deep. I can’t believe the size of the smallmouth over there. The average fish has to be around 3 pounds and there are a lot of really big fish roaming around. I am fairly certain fish in the 5 to 6 pound range are quite common in the area.

This is Dave’s first walleye. As you can tell, he came up from deep water.


The fish weren’t monsters but they were plentiful. I wouldn’t be fishing that deep if we were catching larger walleyes because there is no point in releasing these fish. They range from about a pound and a half to 2 and a quarter pounds so they’re perfect “eaters”. They also make for good times and a great meal at the end of the day.



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