Lancaster Pike Tournament

And the winner is….an 18+lbs monster. Unreal.

I’m happy to report that fish of that caliber still roam these waters. I’m guessing that larger fish are out there too. Turns out Pat caught our biggest of the weekend at 8.5 pounds, which puts us somewhere near 15th spot of 104 or so entries.

                              Day_1_largest_ddfish_8[1].jpg            Day_1_two_largest.jpg

 We were really pleased with that, but still would have liked to finish in the top ten. That will be my mission for next year.

We caught a fairly decent number of fish, but I really need to work on my deep water approach for pike. I have a feeling that the majority of the larger fish were caught up-river in some of the deeper holes where there is a lot of current and the water tends to be a bit more stained. These two were some of the other fish we caught. All were decent, but not enough to crack the top ten. On the first day we boated probably about 15 pike, and we found large fish voraciously attacking spinnerbaits and spoons in shallow water. The second day met us with the arrival of a strong cold front and a north wind that made the temp drop quite a bit. The water had got even clearer than the day before and the pike were simply not interested in doing much of anything. We caught one pike at about 6 pounds and 2 smallies. The fishing was really affected by the weather. It was interesting to see that of all the top ten pike, none were caught on the Sunday after the passing of the cold front. All fish were caught on the Saturday before the weather changed. I caught a bigger pike than any we caught this weekend 2 weeks ago (see last fish in May 8th entry). I’m guessing that one was around 11lbs or so. Still not enough for a win, but possibly would have put me in the top ten.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Cold fronts kill.

 We’ll be back trying to enter the prize list next year. Until then, I think I’m long overdue for a nice day of perchin. June is coming and that usually means great fishing on lake St-Francis.


2 Replies to “Lancaster Pike Tournament”

  1. And the winning fish was a Caught by a lady from Lancaster.

    I bet ya she had a Great Guide!!!
    Keep up the great site Guyz!!!!


  2. hello,nice site, yeah she won in 2007 and 2008 ,and I heard that she was
    cheating ,keeping big pike in a pool and feeding them,we placed 4th in 2006 and sixth in 2008.Did you go this year? we had two 9pounders and were 1st and 2nd at 11:00 saturday, but we left sunday at 11:00, too choppy to fish,we were 6th and 7th when we left,do you know the results of this year.and hey check out our fishin site

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