A new Season

geese return small.jpg

I love this time of year. Mind you not so much when it keeps snowing. The geese are back in full force, and I can see deer come out from the woods at night to look for corn that has been covered in snow and ice since December. Best thing though, is that fish are easy and predictable. Find the areas that warm up quickly and have good access to deep water, especially if they offer current and you will find all species of fish at this time of year in the shallows. Only pike is in season until the second Saturday in May but that’s just fine with me. This is the best time of year to catch a couple 10lbs + pike a day on Lake St-Francis. It’s also the perfect time of year to enjoy some of the fall’s waterfowl harvest. Below are 4 ducks prepared “bardés” as we call it in French. They are an absolute wonder with a Shiraz and wild rice. These are from a hunt in November I enjoyed with a few friends. Nothing like kicking in spring season with a little of taste of wild game, good wine and a few family and friends. Here’s to looking forward to a season filled with great memories!

canards bardés small.jpg

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