Tomorrow’s forecast : 60% chance of showers, winds NE 25km/h, chance of thunderstorm late in the day, 16 degrees C.
Sunday’s forecast : 80% chance of showers, winds E 20 km/h, 14 degrees C.
Monday’s forecast : 80% chance of showers, winds NE 20-25km/h, 15 degrees C.

Happy Victoria Day weekend.

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7 Responses to Wind

  1. andre says:

    The forecast was wrong. It was 12 degrees on Sunday.

  2. Hareshkumar says:

    My impression is that UW ctsninoestly has a higher dewpoint reading than the airport. As I type this, UW has 24.2 and the airport has 21.4. I haven’t watched this closely, but I feel like pretty much every time I’ve ever looked (which is very rarely lately, but fairly frequently when I lived in K-W for a few years, a number of years ago), it’s been that way.

  3. Rui says:

    There’s all sorts of good (possibly endangered) stuff to eat in Chile. Just stay away from the giant baaclnres. They are the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted and they show up on a lot of menus. They taste like what I imaging a wet shoe would taste like after a nice long sweaty jog through the mud. It’s a bit of a local specialty.Otherwise, the seafood there is really good. Anthony Bourdain summed it up nicely when his show toured the country Finding good seafood [in Chile] is kind of like finding chlamydia at Burning Man. It’s everywhere.

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