Early Season Outing

Will and I hit the lake for a couple days on the weekend. The weather didn’t participate with us completely. The first day was pretty nice but a relentless east wind made its presence felt on the second. Those of you who know what an east wind does to lake St-François will testify to this.
I see the peanut gallery has started commenting before I could finish this. Nice. What the comment refers to is the lobsided catch rate between your truly and his guest on these two days. I stopped counting how many fish I caught there were so many :). I must have boated about 15 pike. Will on the other hand, didn’t have as much luck. He did catch the pike you see up there and a 3″ shiner he so dearly holds on to. Actually, I have to give him credit, I’ve never seen anyone catch a shiner with a 1oz spoon before. In all seriousness, Will was a great guest and we really enjoyed ourselves. I think he’s catching on about this fishing business. He also takes great pictures. The Stumps as portrayed in the previous entry, is an amazing pic. I’m sure he’ll be back in the boat soon.
Perch season opens Saturday. I know I said pike is good eating and all but guess what, I’m having a perch fry this weekend.

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