Lunker 22” St-Francis smallie

Sometimes it pays to stay for that extra cast. We were swimming tube jigs over top a sunken island and we figured it’s getting pretty dark so maybe we should head in. I though, let’s just try the other side of this island…then Whammo! This is Vassilli Buruiana of Montreal Qc holding his 1st ever smallie. Nice way to start Vass! Any guesses on the weight?

3 Replies to “Lunker 22” St-Francis smallie”

  1. hey dude nice bass you got there. i say about 5 1/2 pounds. nicely done vas!

  2. Hi man , my name is Thomas. Yours bass is very great! Do you want with me about fishing ? I have msn messenger so add me to yours, if you have it or juste leave a message.


  3. Hey thomas, I don’t have msn Messenger but you can always email me. Just look to the top right hand side of the page for my email.
    You can also just communicate with me through these comments.
    Thanks for saying hello and good fishing buddy!

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